International collaboration on gathering data on the government’s SDG effort in 2022

Sustainable Development Report 2022 was the first edition of the report that includes the assessment of the government’s SDG effort. To create the assessment, UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network asked all of its national chapter’s host to collaborate in gathering data on the government SDG’s effort. The output of the collaboration is published in the Sustainable Development Report 2022. Thammasat University, by the SDG Move under the Faculty of Economics, is the national host of SDSN Thailand and was collaborating in the data collection process to produce this result.

National Government Efforts to implement the SDGs
Source: Sustainable Development Report 2022, page 38.

Thailand was classified as a country with moderate SDG commitment. While Thailand has its SDG strategy, the Prime Minister provides statements supporting the SDGs, and an organization (NESDC) is assigned to lead the implementation, it still missed SDGs in the national budget and also lacked the number of national SDG indicators. These issues have improved in the 2023 survey.

Source: Sustainable Development Report 2022, page 48.

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