Rector’s Statement

Thammasat University, as a leading Asian academic institution, has always embraced the idea of “For the People” from its establishment since 1934. We have been a source of knowledge to quench the thirst of curiosity for the public, and standing side by side with the people, democracy, and social justice.

in the present day, however, global challenges such as climate change, global inequality and COVID-19 pandemic are affecting everyone and will continue to have adverse impacts on us and future generations, not only in Thailand but all over the world. if Thammasat University still embraces the “For the People” philosophy, we need to expand the scope of the philosophy to include not only Thai people but humanity and address these global challenges.

As the rector of Thammasat University, I believe it is time for Thammasat University to be a part of the global solutions and help the world achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Sustainability in now integrated into our policies to strengthen the existing sustainablility efforts and encourage new and transformative initiations at every level, in every faculty, college and campus of the university.

In 2021, several sustainability programs and policies were initiated, some were the continuation of existing sustainability efforts. On behalf of Thammasat University, it is my pleasure to present our Sustainability Report 2021. This report reflicts our commitment to be a part of the solutions to global challenges.

Associate Professor Gasinee Witoonchart

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